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(This page is under construction; last update 2012-11-04) Are you a command line geek? Or a DOS lover but wants to use commands on Windows, too? Please read on.

winrosh (rosh.exe) is a command line shell on Windows. Regarding its feature, the biggest one is its bash-like file name completion on the command line. This makes everyday command line work convenient and efficient. It has other features including history completion (also in the bash file name completion style), good CJK (Chinese/Korean/Japanese/DBCS) character support, script invocation and command concatenation.
Due to its nature of simplicity, it mostly implements higher-level functionality of command line processing as features described in this article. For lower-level features including pipeline connection, redirection, batch files, they're delegated to cmd.exe (the command shell of Windows). rosh doesn't replace cmd.exe in any way, so it's easy to start using it (just launch it), and requires no system-wide configuration.

To use rosh effectively, you may want to also download the accompanying command line tools (cmdtools). cmdtools provides many useful utilities:

(Video link to be prepared, and demo page to be prepared)
Technical details:
rosh.exe MD5: 31c7d983eadad1fc56deaa7db13b453a, SHA1: 977c8e07fbb9d6d2c9f0aa141febeb5ad6a9b6f2
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